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Program Management Toolkit

Program management is the consistent management of a set of interrelated projects designed to accomplish a single outcome.  Programs require:

  • Extensive planning.
  • Significant communication through all stages of the program.
  • The establishment of project and program infrastructure.
  • The adoption and enforcement of appropriate project management practices and processes.
  • The creation and running of a governance body for the control of performance and scope, authorizing component project initiation or close, and monitoring of  benefits realization.

This set of documents is the minimum set of plans required to successfully establish and manage a program. This set of templates is based on PMI's Program Management Body of Knowledge.

Title Description Links
Program  Management Plan and Charter This document is a combination of a program charter and management plan. It provides an overview of the program, authorizes work, assigns authority, and documents how the program will be executed and managed. Program Management Plan and Charter (pdf format) | Program Management Plan and Charter (MS Word format)
Program Governance Plan The program governance plan outlines how decisions will be made and communicated, the responsibility and process for stage gate reviews, program performance review, and change management. Governance Plan (pdf) | Governance Plan (MS Word)
Program Communication Plan A program communication plan outlines the communication activities that will be undertaken during the course of the program.  It defines the audience, timing, and method of communication, as well as the purpose and desired outcomes in order to ensure the appropriate level of engagement.  A basic template is provided here for your use.  An example from two large programs/projects are also available: Communication Plan (pdf) | Communication Plan (MS Word)
Program Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder analysis entails the identification, analysis, and targeted communication planning for the individuals and organizations that can be impacted by or can impact the program. Stakeholder Analysis (pdf) | Stakeholder Analysis (MS Word)  
Program Performance Monitoring and Resource Management Samples The CA Clarity Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software platform is the recommended tool for monitoring program performance and managing resources.  If you do not wish to use CA Clarity PPM, the PPMO will work with you to create a set of spreadsheets and MS Project 2010 file to perform the same function.

 Available upon request

Program Management Plans Large programs and projects should have a more thoroughly thought-out and documented set of processes for managing the effort.   Example program management plans from two large programs are provided here, as is a basic template that you can use as a starting point. Management Plan Example 1Management Plan Example 2 | Management Plan Template
Risks Register, Issues List, Decision Log, Communication Log, and Task Lists With a large program or project this information must be tracked and published on a regular basis.  AITS uses a SharePoint site for tracking this information and a simple newsletter format for communicating this information within the program and project team.     Screenshots of Risk, Issues and other logs from SharePoint |  Newsletter Example 1 | Newsletter Example 2 |  Newsletter Template