University of Illinois System

IT Governance Overview

The University of Illinois information technology (IT) governance structures focus on these primary areas:

  • design and implement a system of input and strategic decision-making
  • determine what decisions the governance structures make
  • create processes for investment and prioritization
  • ensure collaborative design of services and infrastructure
  • provide a mechanism for communication, reporting, and performance measurement

University IT Governance

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC)

IT Governance Committee

IT Governance is a group of interconnected committees that evaluate and recommend IT directions in support of research, teaching and learning, and outreach. IT Governance is faculty-driven but includes participation from students, staff, and administrators in an on-going effort to align IT resources and capabilities with campus needs. Information on the structure, objectives, and subcommittees can be found at the campus Illinois IT Governance website.

IT Council

The IT Council recommends strategic directions and policies, priorities, and initiatives related to the campus IT infrastructure. The Council is responsible for providing key background information and recommendations to the IT Governance Committee and for ensuring the implementation of decisions made through the IT governance process.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

IT Governance Council

The UIC Information Technology Governance Council (ITGC) was created in the fall of 2011, based on a recommendation from the IT Task Force report that had been charged by Provost Tanner in 2010. The primary recommendation was to create a Governance Council, reporting to the Provost, with multiple subcommittees and expertise in a range of functional areas. Information on the structure, objectives, and sub-committees can be found at the UIC Information Technology Governance Council website.

University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS)

Academic Technology Committee

The Academic Technology Committee reviews policies involving academic computing and other technological services and works with other committees and groups within the campus community to monitor budget and planning implications of developments in this rapidly changing area.

Dean's Council

The Dean’s Council provides advice and counsel to the Provost and Information Technology Services regarding the educational aspects of information technology and its support at UIS. Membership consists of the Deans, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, Associate Vice Chancellors, Executive Director of the Center for State Policy and Leadership, and Associate Provost/Director of Business & Financial Analysis.

ITS Management Team

The ITS Management Team consists of the Associate Provost & CIO, the Director of Educational Technology, and the Director of Network & Information Security Services. The team meets each week to resolve issues, set directions and priorities, and to review projects.

IT Governance Advisory Relationships

The following groups serve as advisory roles to the various IT Governance structures:

Academic Senates

UIUC  |  UIC  |  UIS

Student Senates

UIUC  |  UIC  |  UIS

Provost Committees

UIUC  |  UIC  |  UIS

Information Technology Leadership Team (ITLT)

The University of Illinois Information Technology Leadership Team (ITLT) is comprised of the University and System-level CIOs across the University of Illinois System. The group articulates the Information Technology strategic direction for the University of Illinois System, serves as a conduit for identifying areas where enterprise-wide policies and standards should be developed, and fosters the development of these standards. The UI IT LT also reviews, promotes, and sponsors, when applicable, information technology projects that have enterprise-wide impact. As an advisory and coordinating group, UI IT LT makes recommendations on procedures, policies, projects and the University’s strategic technology direction to the President’s Cabinet and Academic Affairs Planning Council. UT IT LT may or may not be directly responsible for implementation of policies, procedures or processes, and individual UI IT LT members may oversee implementation efforts in their own units.

Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC)

The Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC) is the primary body that is responsible for evaluating administrative information technology initiatives from project inception through the end of a project's lifecycle.