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Disaster Recovery 

The University of Illinois enterprise systems provide a wide variety of critical services across all three universities and System Office. These services include systems such as the Banner ERP as well as systems for student, HR, finance, research administration, identity management, websites, reporting and data warehousing. The continued availability of these services is important for the normal operation of the university. Loss of these services can result in significant impacts on student experience, financial transactions, researchers and university reputation. 

The Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) organization that supports the enterprise systems has implemented a disaster recovery program that looks to minimize disruptions in the event of a loss of one or more systems. The program addresses both the procedural and policy aspects of Disaster Recovery (DR) as well as the technical architecture and infrastructure required to recover services quickly and safely. For more information, please contact the AITS Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Team.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Services, part of IT Services and Operations (ITSO),  supports the Office of Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) in the performance of duties and responsibilities associated with information technology risk management, continuity of operations/continuity of university business, and audits/assessments as they relate to information technology.

Incident Management

Incident Management (IM) is a critical part of the larger Administrative Information Technology Services’ (AITS) Disaster Recovery (DR) Program. This Incident Management Plan (IMP) is one plan in a suite of plans designed to prepare AITS to address any disruption. For more information about plan relationships within the AITS DR Program, please refer to the AITS DR Incident Management Plan Document.

Additional Information

Plans are reviewed annually by internal and external resources and evaluated against industry standards, state policy, and best practices. AITS is committed to education, training, business continuity/disaster recovery plan review, and identification of special projects to ensure continuation of services. For more information on DR, BCP or IM, please contact the AITS Disaster Recovery and Business Contituity Team.