University of Illinois System
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Systems Overview

Enterprise applications and supporting systems form part of the University's integrated business environment and are mission critical in supporting core processes and key academic and administrative functions. These applications and systems are developed, maintained, or hosted as part of the broad IT Service Catalog offered by AITS. The following is a list of University of Illinois enterprise applications and supporting systems.

Banner and Banner Related Systems

AITS supports the Ellucian Banner Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This system includes Student Administration, Student Financial Aid, Human Resources / Payroll and Finance modules, along with associated purchased applications, locally - developed components or custom vendor - developed components.

  • Banner Partner Systems: Systems developed by Banner Partners that are maintained and hosted by AITS
  • Banner Bolt-Ons: AITS developed applications that enhance or extend Banner functionality

A list of Banner and Banner Related Systems is available. These systems may be impacted by a Banner outage.

Business Applications

Business applications are applications that address a specific business function supporting the strategic goals of the University. These systems can be developed or purchased by the University, AITS, or a departmental partner. There are over 300 business applications that are developed, maintained, and/or hosted by AITS. They can be organized into the following categories:

  • Reporting: Reports created and maintained by AITS for faculty and staff
  • Applications and Supported Systems: Systems developed by various parties that are hosted and/or maintained by AITS
  • Web Site: Web sites maintained by AITS to communicate system status, project information, and services

A list of Business Applications is available. These systems are typically not affected by a Banner outage.

Infrastructure and Tools

Core Infrastructure is used to run and manage the University’s information assets. These include but are not limited to: operating systems, database management systems, message brokers, version control software, application servers, and monitoring infrastructure. AITS supports these infrastructure components for the University and they are used internally within AITS. Tools help AITS and AITS clients build or extend existing functionality. Services such as OpenEAI, SharePoint, LDI, and SitePublish fall into this category.

A list of Infrastructure and Tools is available.

Banner Interfaces

AITS has developed and currently maintains over 100 interfaces designed to integrate Banner data with other systems.

Finance Interfaces

There are more than 25 AITS-developed interfaces that enable activities such as:

  • Integrate with departmental systems through feeder files to process invoices, ledgers, holds, student charges, budgets, and fixed assets
  • Exchange data with OBFS concerning stale checks
  • Interface with FAMIS
  • Interface with Quikpay system
  • Receive money from the state through the State Offset system
  • Process AR lockbox payments
  • Enable generation of 1099’s and 1098Ts
  • Interface with Intellecheck system for check processing
  • Enable direct deposits by interfacing with ACH
  • Enable scanning and storing and the creation of invoices
  • Exchange data with the i-Buy system
  • Exchange data with Infinet
  • Exchange data with the State of Illinois for ISAP
  • Exchange data with P-Card
  • Exchange data with Salepoint cashiering system
  • Exchange data with collections agencies

HR-Payroll Interfaces

There are over 40 HR-Payroll related interfaces. These interfaces enable the following activities:

  • Create 1099 data
  • Enable deductions for such services as Campus Recreation, charities, collections, parking, and CMS
  • Exchange data with Fidelity
  • Interface with NESSIE
  • Interface with HR Front End system
  • Enable direct deposit
  • Adjust health insurance deductions
  • Exchange data with the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES)
  • Process w2 and 1042 information through JAT vendor
  • Exchange data with SURS
  • Exchange data with TIAA/CREF
  • Exchange data with TIGER Employment Verification system
  • Load time and attendance data from third party systems such as Clockworks and Kronos
  • Exchange data with Windstar
  • Enable involuntary reductions
  • Generate NOAs for employees
  • Interface with Intellecheck
  • Interface with PANDA
  • Provide online earnings statements

Student Interfaces

There are approximately 55 student-related interfaces, enabling activities such as:

  • Load student data such as student attributes, test scores, grade collection, midterm grades into Banner
  • Exchange data with Darwin for transfer credits, test based credit and degree evaluation
  • Exchange data with external admissions such as Apply Yourself, PPAA, and Filetracker
  • Diploma processing
  • Exchange financial aid data with the federal government
  • Interface with batch grade collection system
  • Calculate financial aid disbursement amounts
  • Create registration groups and time ticketing
  • Calculate tuition waiver eligibility
  • Manage student contact information and attributes
  • Exchange data with third party recruiting systems (e.g. UIUC Visitor’s Center)
  • Extract data for production of the catalog and schedule
  • Interface with National Student Clearinghouse for federal reporting
  • Interface with PNP/AP systems
  • Exchange data with I-card system
  • Enable student web withdrawal