AITS Strategic Plan

The AITS Strategic Plan outlines the information technology strategies and initiatives of Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) at the University of Illinois. It is designed to be a three-year IT plan that evolves with collaborative input alongside other strategic plans throughout the University. The planning process that produced this document utilized the University of Illinois IT Strategic Planning Process Framework developed in FY12 as a primary input to planning.

Planning is a continual and integral function at AITS. During the planning process, AITS utilizes the strategies and plans of each Campus and University Administration customers as well as trends in new and emerging technologies to guide the development of unit strategies and priorities for defining work.

Strategic Directions

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The AITS Strategic Directions have been developed to guide and prioritize actions toward making the use of administrative IT as simple and beneficial as possible for the customers. These directions focus efforts toward the following priorities:

  • Save Time - Pursue opportunities to improve and offer new services that increase productivity for faculty, students, and staff.
  • Improve Ease of Use - Improve the usability of AITS services.
  • Improve Speed to Service - Improve the time to delivery of AITS services.
  • Deliver Targeted and Pervasive Information - Provide a variety of tools and infrastructure tailored to meet the large spectrum of customers and information needs.
  • Collaborate - Build and strengthen relationships with people and organizations throughout the University based on mutual trust.

Current Strategic Plan

AITS Strategic Plan FY16 - FY18


AITS has organized Strategic Plan Coordination Teams to drive the implementation of the strategic plan. On an ongoing basis, progress toward achieving the goals and initiatives in the strategic plan is measured. On an annual basis, detailed progress is reported in the AITS Annual Progress Report. A semi-annual progress report is completed and published as of January 1 and July 1 each year.

Progress Report as of July 1, 2018

Past Strategic Plans

  • AITS Strategic Plan FY13 - FY15
  • AITS Strategic Plan 2009
  • AITS Strategic Plan 2006

    Questions regarding the AITS Strategic Plan can be directed to Kelly Block.