University of Illinois System

Tool Options

You can create custom reports using the Data Warehouse using a variety of reporting tools. 

Note:  Decision Support supports the BusinessObjects reporting tool and provides training on its use.  Decision Support does not support other reporting tools listed here.

BusinessObjects features:

  • Supported by Decision Support.
  • No connection procedure required.
  • Training available through Decision Support.
  • No knowledge of SQL required.
  • No knowledge of database structures such as tables or views required.

Features of other report editors such as SAS, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Access:

  • Separate ODBC connection required.  Decision Support offers information on how to connect to the Data Warehouse for SAS , Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Access users.
  • No training available through Decision Support.
  • May require knowledge of SQL.
  • Requires knowledge of database structures such as tables or views.