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Download Data

The Data Warehouse can be used as a data source for internal departmental applications and databases.  The information provided in this section will assist you in using the Data Warehouse as a data download source.

Establish A Connection

Find out how to establish an ODBC connection to the Data Warehouse, using a variety of query and reporting tools 

Set/Change Application Account Data Warehouse Password

Set or change an Application account's password used for connecting directly to the data warehouse.

Application IDs

Find out more about Application accounts and how to request an application account for use by your department 

Find Data

Before you begin using the Data Warehouse as a source for your local applications, you'll want to know technical details about the data structures, indexes, and data meanings relevant to your application or internal database.  Metadata documentation provides specific technical information about the data structures comprising the Data Warehouse.  Review relevant Metadata to help you plan and implement your data download application or query.

Metadata important for ODBC queries and data download programs includes:

Metadata Type Purpose
Physical Data Models Documents the data structures, table names, and data relationships within a specified data collection (e.g., Finance).  Shows primary keys, cardinality, and table contents (columns).
Source-to-Target Mappings Provides definitions for tables and columns, and documents where data originates in the source system (e.g., Banner, P-Card, etc.). 
Data Dictionary  List of all Data Warehouse tables,including the table definition.
Universe Mapping Documents which Data Warehouse tables are used in specific universe architectures.  Helpful to review if you wish to replicate universe-like functionality with your download, or if you would like to know how to retrieve data elements that you have used previously in universes.
Table Index Information Documents the indexes that are placed on Data Warehouse tables for performance optimization.  Helpful to review to construct efficient queries.
View Information Documents Data Warehouse security views and how they are populated. 
ODBC Data Education Materials Provides instructional information about the Data Warehouse structure specific to ODBC queries.