Universe Information

This section contains detailed information about each of the universes available for custom reporting. Click each universe name for complete information.

General Universe Information

Selecting a Universe

A universe is a database interface, which maps objects to fields in a database. The universe simplifies the report creation process by eliminating the need to know the database structure. It also provides automatic joins between database tables based on key values.

The name of the universe you choose for your report should begin with "EDW" or "DM". Any other universes listed are used solely for Standard Reports. If you open one of these universes, no classes or objects will be displayed, and you will therefore be unable to create a query.

In general, we recommend that you:

  • Review the universe descriptions and Quick Reference guides
  • review documentation in the Solution Library

Universe Mapping Document

This document is helpful in mapping Business Objects classes and objects to their corresponding physical table and column names within the Data Warehouse. This aids in bridging the gap between technical data structures and more general Business Objects users.

To view a specific universe, select using the drop down arrow on the Universe column.



* - some universes appear under multiple categories


Other Universes