List of employees and total extra help hours worked for a specific college on a specific campus. The report is grouped by organization and sorted by employee.


EDW - HR - Leave Tracking

Data Rules Related to this Report

  • Extra Help employee time is reported on Earn Code T900 (Regular Hours) and T950 (Overtime Hours). Both time types are accumulated as Accrued Leave Taken Amount.
  • Because of this processing, the heading will show as Accrued Leave Taken Amount (because the query is limited to T900 and T950), the results actually display time worked.
  • The T900 and T950 Earn Codes are reset to zero after an extra help employee has had the proper break in employment between work assignments.
  • Please note that Banner allows an employee's extra help hours to exceed 900 hours. Therefore, it's possible for 900+ hours to show up on this report.