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Employee Headcount FTE Analysis

Headcount Full-Time Employee (FTE) Analysis  is intended to answer the primary question: How many and what type of employees did I employ over time? This question implies that the user is interested in a summarized picture of headcounts in their organization. The product suite includes a data cube and data mart.

About Employee Headcount FTE Analysis

Employee Headcount FTE Analysis is designed specifically for individuals who want to look at Headcount or FTE changes over time. Its goal is to be easy - or at least easier than writing your own reports. However, to be fair, this is not report writing; this is analysis. That means you do not need to have a specific question. You may have a question to begin with, but what you really want is to learn about how your Headcount or FTE has changed over time; to slice and dice the data.

For more information or to get started, consult the following resources. All files are Adobe PDF format.

Headcount FTE Analysis Guides and Support

Connecting to Headcount FTE Analysis