University of Illinois System

Metadata for Data Downloaders

Data Models

Logical and physical models of the Data Warehouse structure.

View Information

Information about the views used in the Data Warehouse.

Table Index Information

Find information about the table indexes used in the Data Warehouse and Data Marts using the Table Index chart: EDW and Data Mart Table Indexes (4/24/24)

To learn how to find and use indexes in the Data Warehouse, read How To: Finding & Using Indexes.


Data Warehouse View Listing

Use the Data Warehouse View Listing to review EDW views and the logic used to build each view. (4/24/24)

Column Definition & Source-to-Target Listing

List of all Data Warehouse columns, including column definition, sourcing information, and column attributes. (4/24/24)

Table Definition Listing

List of all Data Warehouse tables,including the table definition. (4/24/24)

Banner Form to EDW Table Listing

List of specific Banner forms and the EDW tables that are populated with the Banner data. For example, a Student Banner Form called SAAADMS maps to 11 different EDW tables; a Finance Banner form called FZIGITD maps to 7 different EDW tables. (6/25/13)

Related Resources

Search Metadata

Our Metadata solution is hosted by the vendor IData and we use their tool Data Cookbook. This link will take you to the Data Cookbook solution outside the university network. More information about how to use the tool is available in this KB article: (login required)

System Status & Data Quality

Dynamic information about data load completion, data quality issues, and events impacting system availability or performance.

Release Notes

Description of changes implemented with each monthly Data Warehouse release.

Using ODBC Tools

Information for users who wish to create custom reports or data downloads using an ODBC-compliant tool (MS Access, MySQL, etc.).