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Enterprise API Management

Need enterprise services? There's an API for that!

Service Description

Facilitating API solutions that expose enterprise data and enable enterprise services through loosely coupled integration. AITS can help equip your application with the tools it needs to easily interact with the University's enterprise systems, while easing implementation by leveraging industry standard technologies and methods. 

Integration Technologies

Web Services

Support and development of SOAP and/or RESTful web service APIs, providing point-to-point interaction with the University’s authoritative data sources.

AITS Web Services

AITS Application Development has created a suite of web service APIs that offer services such as extending Banner functionality, providing data validation services, facilitating SSO authentication, utilities such as sending email, and many others. Additionally, the AITS Integration Platform can serve as a proxy to third-party web service APIs that are developed elsewhere, by University units other than AITS, or that are on-boarded with vended applications.

University employees can visit the AITS Web Services page for additional detail about these services.

Ellucian - Banner Ethos API

The Banner Ethos platform offers RESTful web services that extend Banner business rules and data access. AITS is continually working to discover and understand the capabilities of the Ethos APIs and how those can best be leveraged. We are excited to have this API in our toolbox, and look forward to evaluating how its services can help to meet your application's enterprise integration needs.

CA - Service Desk Manager API

An API suite delivered with the CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) application, supporting interaction with SDM objects such as contacts, requests, and configuration items.

Messaging Services

Event Streams

Built on Apache Kafka, the Event Streams service provide notification of data change events from the university's authoritative sources. This integration strategy can benefit systems that require local storage and management of attributes that are sourced from an external authoritative source (e.g. Banner).

University employees can visit the Event Streams service guide for additional detail about this service.

Legacy Messaging

Support for legacy point-to-point and publish-subscribe (JMS) messaging integration services via the AITS Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) framework.

Quick Links

Integration Work Request Form
AITS Web Services The AITS Web Services page requires net ID authentication
Event Streams The Event Streams service definition requires net ID authentication

Getting Started

  1. An Administrator(s) is identified by the Department;
  2. The Administrator submits a request for integration assistance;
  3. The ICC team at AITS reviews the request and engages the appropriate stakeholders for approval, before provisioning the requested access;
  4. The ICC team at AITS provides initial setup, training, documentation, and ongoing support as needed for the Department appointed Administrator(s);
  5. The Administrator develops applications using API/Web Services as needed for their department.


To report a system problem, please contact the AITS Service Desk:

  • AITS Service Desk

    217-333-3102 (from Urbana-Champaign or Springfield) or
    312-996-4806 (from Chicago)

For all other questions please contact the AITS Integration Competency Center (ICC).