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IT Consulting Contracts: IPHEC2140

A request for proposal (IPHEC2140) was initiated to obtain contracts for University-wide use in purchasing as needed temporary information technology personnel and consulting services for a variety of IT applications, systems and services. Awards were made to fifty three firms and can be utilized by units from any of the three University of Illinois campuses and System units. These awards are meant specifically for use in obtaining services from one or more of fifteen categories of services. Firms can only be utilized for the category(s) for which they were awarded. The initial contract term is for the period of June 23, 2021 through June 22, 2026 with the option to renew for one five-year additional period.

Please click on "Step 1 - Process to Initiate Service" located on the right hand side of the page to begin your consultant search.

Category 1: Technical & Technical Support

Category 2: Programming/Application Development

Category 3: Web Developers

Category 4: Analysts (to include Computer System & Data Analysts)

Category 5: IT Security

Category 6: Network Engineers

Category 7: Network Administration (to include Hardware & Software Support)

Category 8: Quality Assurance

Category 9: User Experience Design

Category 10: Database Administration

Category 11: Cloud Services (Engineer, Specialist, Etc.)

Category 12: Enterprise Architect

Category 13: System Administration

Category 14: Project Management

Category 15: General (to include recruiting)

– This category is intended to capture new areas that may emerge in the market place, in addition to areas that may not be identified in other categories.


Step 1: Process to Initiate Service (.docx)

Step 2: IPHEC2140 Pricing (.xlsx)*

Step 3: Vendor Information (.xlsx)*
(Categories awarded and contact information)

Step 4: Request for Quote Form (.pdf)*

Step 5: IT Consulting Form Job Aid - Completing the Quick Quote IPHEC2140 IT Contract Form
(update with iBuy instructions)

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