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Tableau Server Service

Tableau is a new addition to the existing University of Illinois BI Analytics toolbox. Tableau Desktop is a visualization tool that provides you with a quick way to analyze, visualize and share information. It is used by advanced users to create and publish data visualization/dashboards and perform advanced data analysis. Review the resources on this page to learn about how Tableau can help with your organization's reporting needs.


In addition to an interface that is easy to use for those who publish visualizations and those who use them, Tableau enables data from multiple sources to be integrated into visualizations that can show combinations of data sources. As an example, a dashboard could be created that combines admissions data from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), the Unit's admissions database, and the State of Illinois high school enrollment information to evaluate trends in college student enrollment and how it relates to the Unit.

Getting Started with Tableau Desktop

Development in Tableau is done in the Tableau Desktop tool. You can utilize this tool to connect to data sources, design worksheets and assemble dashboards. You can purchase the desktop tool directly from Tableau. To work with our Tableau Server, you will need to purchase the Tableau Desktop Professional edition. Information about Tableau’s Academic Pricing options is available here If you are ready to make a purchase, click here and complete the contact form. In the question area, specify how many licenses you are interested in purchasing. Tableau will reply with how to complete the purchase.


Tableau Server Service

Tableau server is an interface that allows you to publish your dashboards to defined user groups or an entire community. To begin publishing following the following steps:

  • Create the dashboard
  • Review the Publisher Information
  • Request a Project for your Dashboard(s)
  • Develop on the test server and server and when ready
  • Contact us to migrate your dashboard to the production server

Publisher Information

When you are ready to share your visualization in Tableau please review the Tableau Publisher Guidelines.  It will give you an overview of the publishing process.

Tips for Distributing a Dashboard to a Large Audience

If you have a dashboard with a large audience, the best method to distribute the dashboard is to embed it into a web site. Tips on embedding a dashboard in a web site can be found in Answers.

Request a Project/Schedule

Submit a Tableau Project Request Form.

Tableau Desktop Assistance

Tableau has many resources on their website to help you use the desktop tool. Additionally offers classes to help you learn more. 

Server Assistance

If you have questions about Tableau server please contact the AITS Service Desk.