Administration and Financial Management

Administration and Financial Management (AFM) manages and coordinates customer-focused activities that sustain the proficiency and efficiency of information systems, maximize collaborative solutions, and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with University-wide customers. AFM also supports the technical work in AITS by managing AITS' ongoing business activities, including contracts and acquisitions, purchasing coordination, budget and financial management, physical assets, telecommunications, facilities management, administrative support, and strategic human capital initiatives. 

In 2013, AITS implemented an activity based costing budget tool to provide a more systematic approach to the budget justification process, provide ongoing in-depth financial analysis, and better financial transparency.  Activity-Based Costing (ABC) is a costing model that manages costs or expenses by identifying activities used to support services. By identifying the cost of doing business, we can better measure and communicate the value of IT.

To learn more about how Activity-Based Costing (ABC) is utilized by AITS for strategic planning and the annual budgeting process, see What Value Does Your IT Organization Bring? or contact Jenny Ehrnthaller