Records and Information Management Services



As of 3/16/2020, RIMS has been asked by administration to work remotely due to COVID-19 concerns. This will limit our ability to provide some regular services such as on-site evaluations, physical records storage retrievals, and ingestion of new records. We will continue to be available to answer any records-related questions you have in the meantime. Please contact the RIMS office and we will respond promptly.



The purpose of the Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) office is to provide a cohesive approach to the effective management of records and information resources throughout the University of Illinois, across all departments and campuses.



This approach requires close coordination with other units as well as individuals with departmental and technical expertise. An effective program will help protect vital University records, reduce legal liability, support the preservation of historic records, promote scholarship and teaching excellence, and improve operational efficiencies.

The RIMS office consists of several core staff members, an Advisory Committee, and an ad hoc virtual team of functional and technical experts from across the University that are available for input on issues related to their areas of expertise.

For more information about the work of the RIM Advisory Committee please visit the Advisory Committee page.

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Policy and Recommendations

Familiarize yourself with important information policies and recommendations for scanning records or planning a move.

Records Retention

How long must you keep your records and what should you do with them if you are no longer required to keep them?


Browse training that RIMS offers and view training modules. Also, learn about how you can become a Records Liaison.

Practical Guidance and Help

View forms, tools, and other resources that can assist you with your records and information management.

RIMS News and Achievements

 RIMS Annual Report FY19 Completed
RIMS has published its FY19 annual report

Laflin Warehouse in Chicago increases capacity
RIMS has increased overall storage capacity and added new shelving in Laflin.

RIMS Publishes New Communication: "Managing Orphaned Digital Content"
RIMS has collaborated with the Orphaned Data Task Force to produce this communication.

New RIMS Training Available!
RIMS has published a new video-based course titled "Records Management 101" that covers basic concepts in records management.