University of Illinois System

AITS Enterprise Architecture Committee

The Enterprise Architecture Committee (EAC) role is to assist in the development, articulation and adoption of the IT Enterprise Architecture framework and processes within the System Offices. The purpose of the architecture framework is to direct or guide architecture initiatives, ensure that organizational performance aligns with the strategic intent of the business, ensure IT resources are engaged to reflect priorities and architecture-related risks are managed appropriately. As the committee reviews and recommends architectural changes it will consider the role of Administrative IT at the University System. Administrative IT’s role is to enable the implementation of the University’s mission, goals, objectives and strategies. The System Office's EAC partners with the Portfolio Management Office (PMO) to provide feedback on projects, overlap, technology reuse, and opportunities for consolidation. System Office's EAC also provides guidance and support regarding Enterprise Architecture for ITPC and non-ITPC projects.

Enterprise Architecture includes business and information processes as well as all aspects of the administrative systems and services infrastructure including storage, servers, network, applications, databases, end-user experience and the interaction and interconnectivity of each component. Documentation of the architecture includes business objectives, foundational principles, schematics, interoperability and compliance.


Committee Members

Chris Barton, Associate Director for Network Services and Enterprise Architecture
Nyle Bolliger,  Application Development, QA/Testing
Scott Harden, Data Management
Jeff Heckel, Application Development
Alice Jones, Storage and Data Centers
Marla McKinney, Integration Competency Center (ICC)
Marty McLain, Server Support 
Brian Schoudel, Application Administration
Dave Stone, Technical Application Management (TAM)
Mike Wonderlich,  Assistant Director for Technical Architecture (Chair)