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Protected Email Attachment Repository (PEAR)

PEAR is a closed webmail application available to anyone with a valid University of Illinois NetID.

PEAR enables University of Illinois faculty, staff and students to securely exchange information in cases where University policy dictates users cannot use conventional email (e.g. social security numbers, passwords, and confidential records). Using PEAR is much more secure than using conventional email to exchange information because PEAR messages never pass through any other servers except the PEAR server.

It has been determined that PEAR is FERPA compliant so FERPA data can be transmitted via PEAR. PEAR is not yet HIPAA compliant so HIPAA data should not be transmitted using PEAR.

Start Using PEAR

PEAR is open to all University of Illinois users. Users should use their NetID and password.

You can access PEAR from here

Here are some links to get you familiar with using PEAR.

The PEAR User Guide can assist you with the PEAR functionality (last updated November 2015).

What is the Difference between PEAR and Box?

The main limitation of PEAR is that it cannot be used if one of the parties does not have an University of Illinois ID. PEAR is not designed for file sharing outside the University of Illinois.

For More Information

Please search the University's KnowledgeBase at You can also contact the AITS Service Desk at (312) 996-4806 (Chicago); (217) 333-3102 (Urbana-Champaign or Springfield) or Feedback about the application can be sent to