About RIMS


The purpose of the Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) office is to provide a cohesive approach to the effective management of records and information resources throughout the University of Illinois, across all departments and campuses.

The current environment for sustaining excellence in higher education demands that the University use innovative administrative models that both enable efficient business practices for our employees and increase transparency for our constituents. A component of such a model involves providing an effective and coordinated approach to managing the University’s records and information assets and systems.


Objective: Protect vital records of the University


  • Establish departmental plans for managing records
  • Develop methods for trustworthy and efficient purging of information resources

Objective: Improve operational efficiencies


  • Reduce unnecessary duplication
  • Support streamlined use of existing systems
  • Assist in aligning state laws and regulations with current business practices of the University

Objective: Promote scholarship and teaching excellence


  • Support the preservation of historic records
  • Support and standardize policy development
  • Increase opportunities for collegial collaboration around data management


In addition to the main purpose of RIMS stated above, other services offered by the RIMS office will be developed in close coordination with other units that may have expertise or strong interests in the following:

  • Developing and implementing records and data retention and purging requirements through state-approved General Record Retention Schedules
  • Providing support to units interested in purging records or in streamlining their work processes
  • Establishing best-practice guidelines, procedures, and policies for managing records and information resources such as:
    • e-mail and other electronic communications
    • document imaging and image capture
  • Creating procedures for managing departmental records and information resources
  • Developing workflows for records and data transfer to trusted digital repositories or other storage environments
  • Supporting other University initiatives and research as it relates to the responsible management of records and other information assets over time.
  • Developing and delivering training sessions and materials
  • Working with state officials to update laws and regulations and develop best-practice guidelines and procedures


Annual Reports

Task Force Reports

RIMS was established in 2012 based on the recommendations of two task forces charged with:

  • identifying issues related to the management of data, records, and information resources
  • setting and prioritizing goals for a RIMS program, including the creation of policies
  • determining the services needed to achieve the goals of a RIMS program
  • proposing a structure for the program

The final reports from the task forces proposed a RIMS governance structure and identified objectives for a RIMS program. An in-depth description of the goals, proposed structure, and functionality of the RIMS program can be found in the reports linked below.

Other Reports