How We Can Help With Your Business Process

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How We Can Help

The BPI Shared Service can help units solve problems by facilitating process improvement projects charged with:

  • Improving the quality of a product or service,
  • Streamlining processes by identifying and working to eliminate the non-value-added activities that consume the majority of our time,
  • Reducing processing time, the time between the initial request and the delivered product or service, or
  • Reducing total cost.

BPI Facilitators help teams maintain focus on the actual problem and its root cause, ensure that there is a structured approach to identifying, analyzing and solving problems, and ensure there is sufficient participation from those impacted by the process in question.  Facilitators do not provide specific process expertise, but instead facilitate working sessions with the people who do the actual work on a day-to-day basis.

How We Have Helped

Outside of project-based work, the BPI Shared Service can also help units to solve their own problems. In some cases customized training has been developed for groups seeking specific assistance with their process improvement initiatives. BPI Facilitators and Analysts can also provide assistance on various process improvement methodologies, tools and techniques.  Finally, BPI Facilitators can assist with facilitating collaborative discussions between organizational or functional groups attempting to solve a process-related issue.

We coordinate and facilitate process improvement efforts spanning multiple units or functions.

  • Process Improvement Projects: BPI facilitators will manage your project using process improvement methodology such as DMAIC or RAPID.
  • Process Mapping: BPI facilitators will help to document the current state of the process or help you to develop the preferred future state.
  • Analysis Projects: BPI facilitators will analyze your processes to assist in determining where a process improvement project would provide the biggest impact.
  • Process Improvement Team Development: BPI facilitators will help you develop your staff to build your own embedded process improvement team.
  • Facilitation: BPI facilitators will coordinate a meeting to determine lessons learned from a project, a meeting focused around improving a process, or a meeting whose goal is to get two cross-functional units to communicate.

Annual Reports

The annual reports are intended to provide an overview of the BPI Shared Service accomplishments for the fiscal year, including project, training, and engagement performance.

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