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Gartner Research


The Gartner Group is a research and advisory company focused on information technology (IT) technologies, practices, and strategies. It provides analysis to corporate, government, and higher education clients through a variety of media, including the Gartner Research website. This research and analysis can be used throughout the University for planning, decision making, and measurement purposes for making continual process improvements towards industry best practices.


Students, Faculty and Staff at the University of Illinois may use their NetID and password for access.

Select your campus to login to Gartner Research:

The University of Illinois has purchased access to Gartner Research's Core Research, which does not include their Dataquest documents nor special reports. Other information is only available by request to the University's Gartner representative.


  • All materials are owned and copyrighted by the Gartner Group.
  • The University of Illinois is only allowed to use, distribute, and excerpt any documents or portions thereof for use in University business.
  • No portions of nor whole documents can be distributed to nor used by non-University personnel.
  • All copies of data obtained from Gartner Research must be destroyed before you leave the University.
  • Complete Terms of Use from the Gartner Group.