AITS Strategic Plan

The AITS strategic plan was created through discussions with our customers, a review of higher education and IT trends and forecasts, as well as a review of the University of Illinois System and Universities’ strategic plans. Some of the goals presented represent stretch goals that will be pursued as resources are available and other goals are satisfied. Each goal and initiative has a different priority, and the priority changes throughout the year depending on environmental factors such as funding, urgency, University needs, vendor partnerships and human resource availability.

Overall, the AITS Strategic Plan outlines the information technology strategies and initiatives and is designed to be a three-year IT plan that evolves with collaborative input alongside other strategic plans throughout the University of Illinois System.

Strategic Directions


AITS uses the following 6 strategic directions as guides to focus our efforts in supporting University’s mission and our responsibilities as an organization. These strategic directions align with our mission and vision and focus our efforts on fulfilling these.

  1. Enterprise-Class services: Support and enable the University of Illinois System's business processes with reliable, secure, up to date and accessible enterprise IT services.
  2. Save Time: Improve and add services that increase productivity for faculty, students, and staff.
  3. Improve Ease of Use: Improve the usability of AITS services.
  4. Improve Speed to Service: Improve the time to delivery of AITS services.
  5. Deliver Targeted and Pervasive Information: Provide for strategic, widespread use of our data.
  6. Collaborate: Build and strengthen relationships throughout the University based on mutual trust.

Current Strategic Plan

AITS FY23 - FY25 Strategic plan


AITS has organized Strategic Plan Coordination Teams to drive the implementation of the strategic plan. On an ongoing basis, progress toward achieving the goals and initiatives in the strategic plan is measured. On an annual basis, detailed progress is reported in the AITS Annual Progress Report.

FY19 - FY21 Strategic Plan Wrap Up Report

Past Strategic Plans