Project Management Office

The purpose of the Project Management Office (PMO) is to provide project management for ITPC, AITS and the office of the CFO. The PMO consists of 6 core staff members with expertise in project, program and portfolio management. 

The primary function of the AITS PMO is to support project managers in a variety of ways which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing shared resources across all projects administered by the PMO;
  • Identifying and developing project management methodology, best practices, and standards;
  • Coaching, mentoring, training, and oversight;
  • Monitoring compliance with project management standards, policies, procedures, and templates by means of project audits;
  • Developing and managing project policies, procedures, templates, and other shared documentation
  • Coordinating communication across projects

Project Management

The PMO provides training and tools for project managers across the University. The methodology is based on industry standards and has been customized by seasoned project managers to fit the unique needs of the University. The project manager's role is to lead the project, identify the tasks that must be completed to accomplish the project objectives, communicate with the project team and client personnel effectively to ensure the project is delivered as close to the planned schedule, budget and scope as possible.

Services include:

  • Project management training for U of I employees
  • Project management toolkits
  • Program management toolkits
  • Project management for ITPC, AITS and CFO projects
  • Private project management training for a unit, group or department for a fee. Contact AITS PMO for details.