University of Illinois System

Get Access to Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications are university wide administrative systems. Students use enterprise applications to perform such activities as registering for classes and viewing financial aid. Faculty and staff use enterprise applications to access administrative data and perform a variety of activities such as:

  • Access to administrative data through the data warehouse and banner
  • Faculty teaching and advising related tasks
  • Personal employment and benefits information
  • University financial administration tools
  • Human resources management
  • Student administration
  • Reporting on administrative data

To access enterprise applications, you must:

  1. Set up your NetID and
  2. Request access through your Unit Security Contact (USC).

Requesting access to enterprise applications

Requests for access to enterprise applications must be submitted through your department's Unit Security Contact (USC). USCs coordinate with AITS System Access Management and other relevant application owners and are responsible for authorizing, requesting, and maintaining access for individuals in their departments.

Unit Security Contacts

Enterprise applications

Once your access has been approved, you can find as for many of our Enterprise Applications at the following URL:

Other accounts and applications

EDDIE (also called the Data Warehouse)

EDDIE enables faculty and staff of the University of Illinois to create custom reports, queries, or data downloads based on Finance, HR, or Student data available in the Data Warehouse. Access must be requested through your Unit Security Contact (USC). For more information, please see the Get or Change Data Warehouse Access page from Decision Support.

End User Responsibilities

  1. Read the Section 19.5 - OBFS, which describes your responsibilities for maintaining the security and confidentiality of information in University of Illinois applications.
  2. Sign a University of Illinois Information Security Compliance Form and give it to your supervisor to keep in your personnel file. This form indicates you have read and agree to comply with the requirements in the Information Security Policy. It will require you to login. This form does not work with Microsoft Explorer.
  3. Attend relevant application training.
  4. Contact your USC to make arrangements for application access.