List of students who are currently registered in a college and their previous term's program information. This report is limited to a specific college and student level. This report is sorted by current college code and student name. A total UIN count is also included.


EDW – STU Registration Complete
EDW – STU Registration Limited

Data Rules Related to this Report

  • If your security access to the EDW is limited to Campus-College-Department then you will ONLY receive students who are in your College or Department. For example, if a student is CURRENTLY in College = KP and PREVIOUSLY in College = KL and your College access = KP, then you will NOT see the students’ previous College = KL information. Only those users with campus-wide access will be able to review accurately Inter-College Transfers (ICTs).
  • Only students with the same student level and registered for BOTH the current and previous terms will be included in this report as well as those students who have NOT changed programs.
  • This report has been created using sub-query functionality. This example returns a list of student UINs that match the prompt values (previous term, student level and college code.) The sub-query UIN list is then used as input into the main query, pulling "current term" program information for the "previous term" list of students identified in the sub-query.
  • Due to the complexity of this report, it may take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • When creating lists of students, you must ALWAYS include the Person Confidentiality Indicator for FERPA restrictions. Consult your campus OAR office for FERPA policy and guidelines.