List of registered students and grades for a specific term and course code/number. This report is grouped by course reference number (CRN) and sorted by student name. Sub-totals by UIN are included for each CRN and a grand totals by UIN is included at the course level.


EDW – STU Academic Records

Data Rules Related to this Report

  • Due to the amount of data available in the Academic Records tables, average run time for reports is 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Academic Records data has a one term lag time which means that the EDW will not have Records data until the Banner “roll to academic history” has completed. For example: if the current term is Spring 2014, data for that term will be available AFTER the Spring 2014 term has completed.
  • When creating lists of students, you must ALWAYS include the Person Confidentiality Indicator for FERPA restrictions. Consult your campus OAR office for FERPA policy and guidelines.