Informal Class Rosters

This report lists registered students for a course and term by section and instructor.


EDW - STU Registration Complete
EDW - STU Registration Limited

Data Rules Related to this Report

  • Do NOT include the grade mode if you are sharing this report with an instructor. Instructors should never be informed of students in their classes who are taking work under the credit-no credit grading option. Instructors report the usual letter grades at the end of the course. These grades are automatically converted to CR or NC. Refer to the Student Code for details about Credit / No Credit Grading Options.
  • This report includes a condition of "Drop/Delete Registered Ind = Registered". This condition will ONLY include students who are currently registered for the course/section.
  • This report includes a condition of "Primary Instructor Ind = Y". This condition will ONLY include sections where the Primary Instructor is listed as "Y". If the section does NOT have a primary instructor indicated, the section will not return in the query results. If you want all sections available regardless if there is a primary instructor, simply remove this condition.
  • When creating lists of students, you must ALWAYS include the Person Confidentiality Indicator for FERPA restrictions. Consult your campus OAR office for FERPA policy and guidelines.