List of students who were registered in a college a previous term and their current term's program information. This report is limited to a specific college and student level. This report is sorted by current college code and student name. A total UIN count is also included.


EDW – STU Registration Complete
EDW – STU Registration Limited

Data Rules Related to this Report

  • Students need to fit the following criteria to be included in this report: (1) the same student level between terms, (2) registered for BOTH the current and previous terms, and (3) students that have NOT changed programs.
  • This report is created using the sub-query functionality. This report returns a list of student UINs that match the prompt values (previous term, student level and college code). The sub-query UIN list is then used as an input into the main query, pulling "current term" program information for the "previous term" list of students.
  • Due to the complexity of this report, average run time for this report is 10 - 15 minutes.
  • When creating lists of students, you must ALWAYS include the Person Confidentiality Indicator for FERPA restrictions. Consult your campus OAR office for FERPA policy and guidelines.