Provides a list of student employees by their Job Detail College and student registration information (Term, Hours, Level, Enrollment Status).


EDW – HR Position and Job Hierarchy
EDW – STU Registration Directory

Data Rules Related to this Report

  • This report will include employees with a home department or timesheet organization matching the entered campus/college code. Looking at the report conditions, campus/college code is set-up to match on employee campus/college code OR job detail campus/college code. A match on employee campus/college code will pull employees whose home department is in the specified unit. A match on job detail campus/college code identifies timesheet organization, pulling employees who have a job in the specified unit, but have a different home department.
  • This report is grouped by employee home department organization code. An employee’s home department may be different than their timesheet organization. Therefore, your report may include organization codes outside of your home department.
  • This report includes extra help employees, one time payment employees, student employees, etc.
  • This report includes all employees that are not terminated, including those employees on leave.
  • If a student’s reg term is ‘blank’ then the student is NOT registered for the term entered into the prompt. However, if your EDW Student access is different from campus level then the data you will receive will not be complete.
    • For example, College of Engineering has 25 student employees. Of the 25 student employees, 5 of those students are NOT pursing a degree in the College of Engineering but are College of Business students and pursing a COB degree. If the HR Manager in Engineering runs the EDW student employment verification report and the HR Manager’s EDW security level for student directory information is for College of Engineering then the report will return only the registration information for the 20 Engineering Students. For the 3 College of Business students the information will appear “blank” in the report.
  • In order to see ALL students employed by your unit request from your Unit Security Contact (USC) that you be granted Campus Level access for Student data in order to run these Student Employment reports to verify that only registered students are being employed or paid by your unit.
  • When creating lists of students you must ALWAYS include the Person Confidentiality Indicator for FERPA restrictions. Consult your campus OAR office for FERPA policy and guidelines.