For a college, this report provides a list of non-terminated employees who do not have an active job. The report is grouped by Home Department and Last Paid Date and sorted by Job End Date.


EDW – HR Employee Administration

Data Rules Related to this Report

  • This report will include employees with a home college code matching the entered college code. Looking at the report conditions, college code is set-up to match on employee college code. A match on employee college code will pull employees whose home department is in the specified unit.
  • This report is grouped by Employee Home Department Organization Code.
  • This report is then grouped by Employee Last Paid Date. The employees with the oldest last paid date being placed at the top.
  • This report lists all of the employee's jobs that they have held since Banner go live.
  • This report includes extra help employees, one time payment employees, student employees, etc.
  • This report includes all employees that are not terminated, including those employees on leave.
  • The Job End Date column will contain an asterisk (*) when the job has no end date.