List of employees and their vacation/sick leave balances, for a specific organization on a specific campus. This report includes both home department and timesheet employees for the specified organization. The report is grouped by home organization and sorted by employee name.


EDW – HR – Leave Tracking

Data Rules Related this Report

  • This report will include employees with a home department or timesheet organization matching the entered campus/org code(s) and is grouped by employee home department organization code. An employee’s home department may be different than their timesheet organization. Therefore, your report may include organization codes outside of your home department.
  • For most monthly paid employees, leave taken is entered into Banner on a biannual basis. Please be aware that leave taken balances in the EDW are accurate as of the last entry into Banner and may not include recent leave activity.
  • This report excludes leave types when beginning balance, accrued amount, leave taken, and leave available are all zero (i.e. Floating Holiday, Shared Benefit Bank).
  • This report excludes leave codes of T900 and T950. These leave types are not really used for leave but used to accumulate extra help regular and overtime hours.
  • The Cur_Leave_Bal pre-defined condition was added to this report, limiting your results to current balances only. Always use this condition when reporting on Accrued Leave Balance.
  • The Current Leave Available object is a derived field in the universe. It is determined by (Accrued Leave Beginning Balance + Accrued Leave Accrued Amount – Accrued Leave Taken Amount).