List of direct and indirect expenses for grant funds, for a specific chart, org, state fiscal period and state fiscal year. This report is grouped by principal investigator, grant code, fund code and sorted by transaction date and fin account type title. Total expenses are included for each fund.


EDW – Finance Grants ITD (FinGrntA)

Data Rules Related to this Report:

  • The individual transactions that make up the summary totals in the Grant ledger come from the Operating Ledger detail. Hence, grants transaction detail is operating ledger detail.
  • Operating Ledger transaction detail is linked to alternative time periods with the transaction date.
  • Grant Ledger data derives alternative time periods with the use of the Grant start date.
  • Original Document number will give you the Banner document that originated the transaction.
  • Transaction date is the date used to post a financial document and its related transactions to the ledgers. Remember, a transaction date can be altered by a user at time of input. For example, future dating or back dating of transactions.
  • State Fiscal Periods include:
    • 00: “trail-in”, such as rollover balances from previous year.
    • 01-12: the twelve monthly periods - where 01= July and 12= June.
    • 14: a period open after period 12 closes (to regular activity) that will hold the final adjustments to a fiscal year.