This section contains self-paced training video modules relating to records and information management and a short video about managing emails. To find written guidance and templates, please visit the Practical Guidance & Help and the Policies sections of our website.  

In addition to the self-paced training modules, the RIMS team is happy to train your unit on various aspects of records management. If you would like us to lead a training session for your unit during a staff meeting or other agreeable time, please contact the RIMS team.

Training Modules: Records Management 101

Welcome to Records Management 101 for University of Illinois employees! The Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) Group has created four modules to help introduce you to the basic concepts of records management and your responsibilities as a University of Illinois employee.

Closed captioning is available or you can download a full transcript of any of the modules below. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact the Records and Information Management Services at

Module 1: What is a record?

Module One focuses on defining what qualifies as a record for University employees and some other basic concepts like the lifecycle of a record and some common examples of records.

(Module 1 Transcript)

Module 2: Retention

Module Two introduces record retention periods and unit-specific records plans. If you have not already watched Module One of this course, you might want to go back to it for some of the basic concepts of records management.

(Module 2 Transcript)

Module 3: Records Filing Systems & Storage 

Module Three focuses on how to build filing systems, common naming conventions, and storage options available to University of Illinois units and departments.

(Module 3 Transcript)

Module 4: Disposal or Transfer of Records

Module Four covers how to transfer records to the University Archives and how to dispose of records that have met their retention. This module also addresses special requirements for disposing of records with sensitive information.

(Module 4 Transcript)

Managing Email for University Employees

Email Management: Building a Workflow

Learn about building a workflow that helps you better manage your email and time. Are you struggling with email overload? Try some of these strategies today!

(EM: Building a Workflow Transcript)

Dealing With The Monstrous Menace of Email!

A short presentation to give guidance to University employees on how to better manage their University email accounts.

(Managing Email Transcript)