Desktop Support

Service Description

The Office of Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) provides a managed desktop service for agencies to meet personal computing requirements, including:

  • Personal computers, including desktops and laptops
  • Software support for the standard operating systems, productivity tools and utilities described below
  • Technical support, maintenance, and repair of managed hardware and software
  • Standard operating environment management
    through the controlled release of security patches, anti-virus updates, and other software
  • Life cycle management, including asset and configuration management, procurement, and some software license management

The service provides a consistent and reliable client-computing environment to end users. The service is available to all University Administration (UA), CPRD, LER, OIS, UICHR, OSSS, ITPC Project, and FinAid UIC departments at the University of Illinois, which are geographically located within the Chicago and Urbana/Champaign campus areas. The AITS Client Services Support group is responsible for configuring each PC with standard software so that UA employees have basic computing programs available to them for performing their duties. The personal computers shall also be configured so that Client Services Support group can access the individual machines for delivering software, including updates and patches, for repairs and scanning for compliance with established policies.

Customers of this service must also subscribe to the AITS Wide Area Network (WAN) and the AITS Local Area Network (LAN) services.

The service is comprised of the following specific components:

Standard Hardware

  • Choice of standard laptop or desktop configuration
    • Configuration standards are developed and periodically updated by the AITS Client Services Support group. Click here for Standard Desktop Configurations. Click here for Standard Laptop Configurations.

Full life cycle support

  • Procurement
  • Delivery and installation
  • Configuration
  • On-site break/fix and replacement
  • Level 1 technical support via AITS Service Desk
  • Level 2 technical support via a Client Services Support technician
  • Asset retirement, including hard drive erasure in compliance with state security standards

Refresh of managed equipment

  • Desktop/Laptop – Average five-year life cycle is our recommendation for desktop computers and three-year life cycle for laptop computers. All costs will be the responsibility of the department requesting the hardware. Costs will be determined by quotes obtained at the time of purchase request.
    • AITS will seek to minimize the impact of equipment refresh activities to end user workgroups by aggregating and/or adjusting refresh schedules as appropriate.
    • Data - AITS will provide instructions for recommended data migration from the old to the new equipment such as copying user profile information to a personal network share or removable device (CD/DVD, etc.) Reload approved, supported applications
  • Monitor –Replaced as necessary, with a recommended average six-year life cycle. All costs will be the responsibility of the department requesting the hardware. Costs will be determined by quotes obtained at the time of purchase request.

Standard Software

  • Standard desktop image development and support
    • Images are developed and periodically updated by the AITS Client Service Support group.
  • Standard desktop components
    • Office productivity suite
    • CD authoring tools
    • eMail/calendar client
    • Internet browser and key plug-ins
    • Wireless client
    • VPN client
    • Java VM
    • Media players (Real, Quicktime, Windows Media)
    • Anti-Virus
    • Malware/Spyware protection
    • Windows firewall
    • Other commonly required components as needed
  • Automatic refresh/upgrades of software based on minimum standards
    • Some license tracking and reporting
    • Release and patch management


In addition to the components identified above, this service also includes:

  • Management and configuration of network and local printers
  • Management of Campus Agreement for Microsoft licenses
  • Electronic software distribution
  • Asset management and reporting, including auto-discovery capability
  • Video Conference support
  • Proofpoint (Anti-Spam Service)
  • PDA support for connection to exchange server mailbox

Hours of Availability

Standard business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for University of Illinois holidays

  • On-call staff are available for after-hours support, as required, for emergencies and scheduled work

Customer Responsibilities


  • Manage their own data, including backup and recovery of information stored on the hard drive of any PC managed by Client Services Support. However, it is highly recommended not to use the hard drive for storage of data.
  • Contact the AITS Service Desk regarding end user’s incidents and service requests and provide an accurate description, including any error messages.
  • All requests for moves, additions or changes of managed equipment and software are subject to the AITS Change Management process. Allow AITS full access to managed equipment (physical and logical).
  • Adhere to AITS Acceptable Use of University Computer and Network Resource Policy
  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Train end users in the proper use of personal productivity and business applications
  • Supported department is responsible for maintaining an inventory of standard equipment (for emergency replacement as needed)
  • Acquire and replace consumable items as necessary
    • This includes, but is not limited to, ink, toner, paper, and batteries


All requests for new hardware and software must be made via Service Desk ticket,, except AITS. AITS will continue to use the AITS New Employee Onboarding Request Form.

Requests should include the following information:

  • Requestor’s name and specific location
  • Quantity and type of hardware (laptop or workstation)
  • Replacement or additional hardware

Required Lead Times

  • Requests for ordering equipment – five weeks
  • Requests for moving equipment – two days for smaller moves and one week for larger moves
  • Requests for a re-imaged workstation – one week
  • Requests for a large number of software installs – one week

How Do We Charge?

This service is offered as part of the Workstation Support set of services. A Pricing sheet and the base Service Level Agreement are available for review.

Basic Unit of Charge

  • Yearly flat rate per workstation/laptop
  • Cost of selected standard configuration
  • See Department Operational Level Agreement (OLA)
Major Cost Drivers:
  • Quantity and type of managed client devices
  • Adherence to standard policies, processes, and procedures