Sybase Data Conversion Summary

Legacy Sybase Systems

Prior to the adoption of Oracle as the database standard and the implementation of SCT Banner, many of the legacy applications at the University of Illinois were developed in PowerBuilder accessing a Sybase database. Prior to the decommissioning of the Sybase database environment, the decision was made to salvage a number of the legacy databases to preserve access to the historical data. The legacy Sybase application and the name of the corresponding database that were retained are as follows:

  • Electronic Change of Status - COSHISTORY
  • Electronic Ordering System - EPURCHASING
  • Electronic Standard Time Report - ESTRHSITORY
  • Integrated Student Information System Information Warehouse - ISIS
  • Purchasing Card - PCARD
  • UIUC Student Information Warehouse - UIUCSTUDENT

Retention Process

The consulting firm of Logan-Britton was hired to convert the legacy Sybase databases listed above to Oracle. The conversion process utilized Informatica and was fully tested from both a technical and functional standpoint prior to the release of the Oracle data for use by the campus community. In order to preserve the precision of the Sybase date time field a relatively new Oracle format was used – TIMESTAMP(6). This format has caused a number of problems for users depending on the tool being used to access the Oracle data. In order to work around this problem without losing the precision of the original data views were created to shield users from the TIMESTAMP(6) fields. The modified view, which is the same as the table name with a V_ added to the front, has the same fields as the source table but converts the TIMESTAMP(6) format to a text format.

Oracle Data Structure

The details of the Oracle data structure for the converted Sybase data is contained in the following linked files: