AITS FY15 Budget Review

As part of the annual University Administration (UA) budget review process, AITS has prepared the following FY 2015 material for the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Being the first year for this process, we would appreciate your feedback on our report and supplementary materials. Please send your comments and suggestions to Kelly Block at

Final FY15 Report

Supplementary Documents

The reports provided below are provided as supplementary information to the Administrative Information Technology Services Annual Report for FY15 UA Budget Review. Certain documents may require University of Illinois Enterprise Authentication Service log-in to access. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Block at

Performance Review and Reporting

Annual Progress Reports

AITS Service Catalog

Sample of AITS Collaborators and Partners

Best Practices

AITS Strategic Plans

Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC)

AITS Annual Metrics Reports

Past Administrative Reviews

Current Projects

START MyResearch

START myResearch saves time and reduces administrative burden in the complex administration of the university’s research portfolio by providing faculty and researchers with a single-point grant management tool to prepare, submit, route, and manage their grants. And, through a PI Portal faculty and researchers have access to all their grant information, including funded grants, financial status, graduate students and staff on their projects, proposals submitted, and compliance status. Integrating data from multiple sources, the system provides business managers with comprehensive and accurate information on all grants in their units.

Impact: Over 6,800 faculty and researchers, over 950 funded projects, 2013 - 2014 research portfolio of $875m.

Website | Project Overview

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM will increase user-convenience by providing single sign-on, improve security and compliance, and focus on shared services driven by larger economies of scale across our university system. The project will enhance collaboration for faculty, researchers, and students by streamlining the management of IDs for external collaborators to access University resources, such as research data and tools.

Impact: University's entire community, research collaborators, Illinois residences, Illinois K-12.

Website | Project Overview

Shared Services

Records and Information Management (RIMS)

Provides a cohesive approach to the effective management of records and information resources throughout the University, across all departments and campuses to protect vital University records, reduce legal liability, support the preservation of historic records, promote scholarship and teaching excellence, and improve operational efficiencies. The service works closely with State officials to update laws and regulations and develop best-practice guidelines and procedures. Ten years of records have been digitally reproduced, digital repository has been created for archivists, direct records disposal and information support has been provided for over 100 requests, 3,400 cubic ft. of paper have been disposed.

Impact: Entire University, State of Illinois

Website | Service Overview

Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Provides support for initiatives focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of University operations. Support is provided through a pool of resources available for facilitation of targeted BPI engagements, methodology and toolset for executing BPI engagements, and training on the concepts and techniques of process improvement initiatives. Results include improving time-of-service revenue collection at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana by 50%; streamlining departmental, college and central Human Resources processing at UIC; and 105 recommendations for process improvements at 10 units at UIC, UIUC and within University Administration.

Impact: 35 projects initiated, 78 shared-service participants from 31 units, 330 employees engaged in trained on process improvement concepts.

Website | Service Overview | March 2014 Quarterly Meeting Packet

Data Center Shared Services

A collaborative initiative with CITES and Urbana campus Library IT, the services offer consolidated high-quality data center facilities to reduce overall costs for the University and enable departments and units to repurpose valuable IT Pro resources and space. The data centers are housed in RRB at UIC, HAB, DCL, and ACB. AITS manages RRB at UIC and HAB data centers, directly managing 1,044 servers and hosting an additional 234 servers. A server at RRB at UIC provides back up for University-wide Banner, and another provides back up for Urbana’s Unified Communications system.

Impact: All academic and administrative units; research groups, institutes, and centers; and auxiliaries.

Website | Service Overview  March 2014 Operations Executive Report


Across the University, SharePoint is being used by units and teams to: 1) discuss ideas and review documents or proposals; 2) share information and keep in touch with other people; 3) build highly collaborative environments; 4) coordinate projects, calendars, and schedules; and, 5) automate and streamline educational and business processes.

Impact: 120 SharePoint sites for 12 units across the campuses and University Administration; service available to all University members and their external collaborators.



SitePublish is a Web Content Management System (WCMS) used for hosting a number of web sites for the University of Illinois. Supported by AITS, SitePublish provides an easy-to-use interface, allowing non-technical staff to create and manage web site content.

Impact: 42 web sites, over 20 units; service available to all University units.

Website | Service Overview

Box Cloud Services (

Box is an industry leader in Enterprise cloud service solutions that serves many Fortune 500 companies and a number of prestigious educational institutions. Box’s focus on secure Enterprise collaboration and synchronized 3rd-party tool integration makes it the ideal cloud solution for the University of Illinois community. U of I instance of Box provides all students, university and staff the mobility and space, and functionality, to collaborate with colleagues in ways that were not previously possible. University members have a generous limit of 50 gigabytes and have access to files, online collaboration workspaces, and content and document management services across multiple platforms, including mobile.

Impact: 29,185 University members currently use U of I Box; service available to all University members

Website is an online subscription library that provides valuable training on software tools, designs, and business and professional skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by industry experts. All courses in the library such as, Excel Pivot Tables in Depth, OneNote Essential Training, SharePoint Essential Training, Project Management Fundamentals, Leading Productive Meetings, and Time Management Fundamentals, are freely available to all university employees.

Impact: over 10,000 users, 21,600 courses, 265,000 videos; available to all University members.

Website | Service Overview

Budget Justification for Critical Priorities

IT Benchmark and Trends Data

IT Governance

Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC)

Website | Charter | February 2014 Quarterly Meeting Packet

Information Technology Leadership Team (ITLT)


User Evaluation and Work Prioritization Proposal

User Experience Survey

Recent News

Mike Helenthal, New Website to Minimize Paperwork for Researchers, April 3, 2014.

Edward Gathercoal, UI Pilots Online Portal to Streamline Research Grant Process, April 17, 2014.

Customer Feedback

Recent TEM Upgrade (3/06/2014)

"A quick note to express my personal thanks and appreciation for your staff's help with the recent TEM upgrade. It wasn't necessarily the easiest one to accomplish, yet your staff was invaluable during the project initiation, testing and deployment. At times there were challenges from all sides, but AITS staff was responsive and committed. Specifically, the [collaborative] work of [AITS' Application Support, TAM, and Integration Competency Center teams] is noted. . . .Everyone's knowledge, perseverance, commitment....and maybe most importantly, flexibility made this upgrade effort succeed. I realize that the TEM system and its underlying Infor product both remain imperfect, but I personally believe that this release provided improvements to the majority of our University users. University Payables is committed to continuing that improvement path." University Payables.

Team Launches UIC Conferences Site (3/11/2014)

"...Thank you for meeting our deadline for rolling out the conferences sites to production. We really appreciate the hard work you put into this migration to SitePublish 9 and especially the push at the end to finalize all the pieces to meet our deadline. Thanks to your work, hundreds of employees will be able to view the conference information for the upcoming 2014 UIC conference and we will be able to decommission the old servers that hosted those conferences. SitePublish 9 will also allow us to easier manage the content of those and any future sites." Office of Business and Financial Services.

Praise for the Storage Team (01/03/2014)

"I wanted to let you know it has been a pleasure working with you and your team setting up the VNX storage for LAS. Since we started meeting about storage, everything has been smooth and all of our concerns have been addressed quickly. Once we installed our HBAs, your team registered our hosts and assigned the LUNs in no time. Needless to say, everything is working great. I hope to work with you all more in the future." Office of Information Technology, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology - video conference fully operational thanks to AITS efforts (09/27/2013)

"...Thanks again[to Desktop Support] for all of your assistance over the past year in helping to get our new system up and running, and for accommodating some of our researchers needs for video conferencing. We greatly appreciate your efforts!" Beckman Institute.

UI Dining Mobile App Wins an Award (07/08/2013)

"Great news! The UI Dining mobile app has won a Gold award in the Mobile App category of the Hermes Creative Awards! The Hermes Awards are presented by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. What a delight it is to have this outstanding work recognized by an outside organization. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved." University Housing.

Positive Feedback for the Prospective Student Portal Go Live (12/08/2012)

"Thank you for your help in launching the Prospective Student Portal. As usual, it took a lot of work and UI ingenuity to make this a reality. We have sent out over 1,000 invitations in the last two days. Over 70 prospects/applicants have activated their accounts. Only one prospect had an issue with account creation which was user error. The number will grow rapidly in the next few weeks. Implementation of the PSP is a step forward for recruiting UIC students. It allows us to tailor information based on who they are not just presenting information. The PSP project integrates the Common Application and Graduate Document Upload projects because it allows applicants to view the status of their applications. PSP was a critical component to link these projects together. We will be expanding it further in the next year. Please pass this email onto anyone that was missed. Once again, thank you for your efforts on this project." Office of Student Systems Services.

End of Term Processing (07/21/2012)

"...We appreciate your [AITS TAM's (Technical Application Management)] assistance tonight with our end of term processing issues with the loading of the NR grades. You certainly went above and beyond the normal call of duty and I want to make sure you get proper appreciation. Keck, you also assisted with helping us make sure the Academic Standing Audit component of the grade roll chain got skipped so that we make sure the entire process completes before the nightly REPTPROD flush. Thanks for staying up and keeping a watchful eye on the process for us." Registrar's Office.