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Projects are classified based on the nature of the request and level of effort necessary to complete the work. Administrative IT project work is governed by the Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC) and its related processes for project work. Projects larger than 250 hours go through a process of proposal review, approval, scheduling and execution. To submit a project request, please follow the instructions on the ITPC website project submission page.

Projects under 250 hours are classified as Work Requests and can be submitted directly to the AITS Service Desk. Please submit these requests to the AITS Service Desk including a 1-2 paragraph description of the requested work and it will be assigned to the appropriate functional and/or technical area to be assessed. If the functional/technical area approves the request, work will be prioritized based on the date of submission and the availability of appropriate resources. Any net new costs, such as software licenses, will be the responsibility of the submitter. If, upon further analysis by the functional and/or technical areas, it appears that the project proposal will exceed 250 hours, the submitter will be contacted and asked to fill out an ITPC project template.

AITS Service Desk

If you are unsure of how to proceed with your request, please contact the AITS Service Desk and they can provide assistance. Visit our Services page as your request may fall into one of our standard services. Our standard offerings include such services as: application development, backup management, database services, and document management.

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