Java 8 Update 171 - Banner Issues

Java 8 Update 171 - Banner Issues
Posted on 04/20/2018
Java 8 Update 171 Banner Issues:

An issue has been identified in Java 8 Update 171 that causes problems with the Banner Administrative Application.  These issues are similar to the ones found in Java 8 Update 162.  The vendor has recommended that Banner users install Java 8 Update 172 to resolve these issues.  Below is the link for IT Professionals to download Java 8 Update 172, and the manual installation instructions in the event you do not have IT support.

IT Support Download Link:
Java 8 Update 172 can be downloaded from the link below to install using endpoint management utilities.

Manual Installation:
Currently the website,, is only allowing users to download Java 8 Update 171.  Please use the KnowledgeBase link below for instructions on downloading and installing Java 8 Update 172 from the oracle website.

With the implementation of Banner 9 in October, Java is no longer needed, and therefore these compatibility issues will no longer be a concern.