Colocation Services


AITS operates two enterprise quality data centers: production services in Chicago at Roosevelt Road Building as well as development, test and QA services in Urbana at Henry Administration Building. AITS provides a set of standard services for data center co-location as well as full services for managing server environments. Standard services are provided by AITS and available at no additional costs to eligible units of the University of Illinois. Other fully-hosted and managed services are offered for a fee. AITS Computer Operations (AITS COE) is the primary point of contact for all AITS tenants. Operations staff manage each of the shared data center locations.

Data Center Locations

Roosevelt Road Building (RRB)

RRB serves as the University of Illinois production data center. Along with high availability, up to 4,760 ft2 of raised floor, secure and monitored environmental space is available for colocation tenants. The data center is located at 728 Roosevelt Road, Chicago.

Henry Administration Building (HAB)

HAB location servers as a development, test and QA facility for University of Illinois Enterprise Services. This location provides up to 1,100 ft2 of raised data center floor space for colocation. HAB is located at 506 S. Wright Street, Urbana.

General Overview

The service level description includes the following:

  • Standard Services
  • Additional Services
  • Shared Data Center Locations
  • Environment
  • Security and Access Provisions
  • AITS Security Desk
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Tenant Communications
  • Operational Support
  • Definitions
  • Contact Information

Standard Services

AITS offers the following standard services:

UPS and Generator Services
All spaces have dual feed below floor power availability. Both facilities have centralized UPS available and the Roosevelt Road Building has full generator/UPS backup for sustained critical operations. 
Data Center Campus Network Service

Standard 1 gigabit Ethernet to campus backbone is available at all AITS locations. 10 gigabit is also available at minor cost.

Video Surveillance Management
All locations are monitored with video surveillance.
Standard Racks Support

Standard racks are 19 or 23 inch mounts with side panels and key locks.

Power Management
AITS provides dual 20 or 30-amp PDUs in each cabinet. Client is responsible for all cable and networking infrastructure components.
Access and Physical Security Management
All locations are secured 24/7. Access is granted by contacting AITS Security. Some areas will require coordination for escorted access.
Hardware Installation Support
Hardware installation support is part of the AITS service and is scheduled as part of the planning process. All locations have access to a freight elevator and loading dock. Tenants may elect to have AITS staff install the equipment for them or install hardware themselves. If the tenant does installation, AITS staff will be present to assist with cable management, guideline adherence and general assistance. Tenants will need to coordinate in advance with the facility staff when items are to be delivered at each location. General hours of availability are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please note: Equipment that is over 18 months of age will not be moved onto the AITS Colocation floor and refresh cycles should plan for approximately 6 years.
Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
Both the RRB and HAB data centers are protected by the Fike fire suppression system.
Temperature Controlled Environment
All data centers are temperature controlled. Temperature varies between 68 and 72 degrees depending on location. All locations manage humidity levels via the HVAC systems installed in the spaces.
Change Control and Incident Management
The ITIL incident management process is used to notify tenants of events. This is done through change control along with event notices. All tenants are part of the 'AITS Event Notice' distribution list and included within the CMDB configuration system.
Support and Maintenance Data center infrastructure components and systems are covered in support and maintenance contracts and tested annually depending on the component.


Additional Services

Non-standard services are available at an additional fee.


AITS manages the existing infrastructure to ensure that it is properly supported, which includes power, cooling, access and video surveillance systems and UPS.

Change controls and planned outages will occur during the standard change control window. Clients will be notified in a timely manner. In the case of a planned outage for data center infrastructure systems (i.e. power, cooling and networking), tenants will be contacted at least four weeks in advance.

Security and Access Provisions

Physical card access to the facility is provided by contacting AITS staff upon initial entry to the data center. Depending on location, requests could take up to three business days for a new client.

AITS Service Desk

The Data Center Shared Service Desk is available 24/7 to support the needs of tenants. To file a ticket, email the AITS Service Desk at or call 217-333-3102 (Urbana) or 312-996-4806 (Chicago). All tickets will be routed to the appropriate groups immediately. In the event of an emergency, AITS staff will respond in a timely manner.

Change Control Process

The AITS Change Control Process is used for all additions and changes to hardware in the facility. All equipment is entered in the AITS CMDB. As servers are racked and hardware is installed and decommissioned, change controls must be filed. The tenant will be responsible for filing this change while AITS staff provides approval.

Data Network Provisioning

All AITS footprints provide the campus network. Requests are made to Technology Services, AITS, or ACCC depending on the location of the space. AITS staff will guide incoming departments on the appropriate process during the entrance meeting.


Tenants are responsible for maintaining the inventory of their equipment, according to University policies. In addition, tenants are to follow the University and State laws when disposing of equipment. Refer to OBFS for additional information on the disposal policies.

Business Continuity Planning

Each department in the AITS Data Center is responsible for reporting the loss of hardware due to fire, tornado, or other disaster. Recovery from a facility disaster will occur by priority depending on the critical business needs of the department and subsequent to the restoration of University of Illinois Enterprise Services (e.g. ERP, EDW, SharePoint, SiteMinder, etc.) For additional departmental details, refer to the University of Illinois Public Safety Business Continuity Department.

Operational Support

Facility conditions are monitored 24/7. AITS Staff are available to provide physical access in case of emergency. All data center services are provided, though hardware support and maintenance are not. Tenants are responsible for establishing operating agreements with other service providers that they use.


For more information, please contact the AITS Operations Team at