The RIMS team is involved in numerous long-term and short-term projects on all campuses. The projects listed below are some of these endeavors. Each individual project page provides information about the details and purpose of each project. This page is updated as projects are started, progressed, or completed.

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Current Projects

Processing Capstone Email Using Predictive Coding

Task Force for the Disposition of Digital Content

Initiated July 2016, the Task Force for the Disposition of Digital Content (charge) has developed a preliminary list of systems and services that will be investigated during the early stages of its assignment. After ascertaining prevailing practices, capabilities, and gaps, the Task Force developed recommendations for the elimination of orphaned or abandoned data that persists after accounts have been terminated. The next phase includes the examination of digital litter prevention, social media data management, and a process for assessing digital abandonment in cloud services. If you have or know of a process already in place, please contact RIMS.

Preserving Email Messages of Enduring Value Project

RIMS is spearheading a project with all three University Archives to establish a digital archival repository that can support the management of email messages assessed to have long-term or enduring value. The goal is to create reasonable processes for identification and secure management of target email messages. The project is moving from an analysis phase undertaken during FY14 into a pilot phase in FY15. An implementation phase is anticipated for FY16.

UIC College of Medicine - Records Inventory Project

RIMS is working with the various administration offices in the College of Medicine to inventory and organize their records that are stored in multiple spaces and formats in the COM Building.

UIC Laflin Warehouse - Creating a Records Center

This project involves working with the Laflin Warehouse staff and the various University units that are using the Warehouse to store University records and property. RIMS is helping units sort through their stored materials in order to purge any records or materials past their retention date and organize the records that remain, developing standards and controls for storing records in the Warehouse.

Non-Exhaustive Catalog of IT Systems and Services

RIMS has discussed with multiple units about the need to establish a list of known IT systems and services from around the University in order to identify where records are or may be accessed, created, or stored.

Completed Projects

Creation of General Records Retention Schedules

  • Academic Administration Records - includes subject files, correspondence, program files, official reports, committee records
  • Business and Financial Records - revising the current OBFS retention schedule and expanding it to be more applicable across the University
  • Capital Programs Records
  • Public Safety Records
  • Research Records - includes research related records from across the University

OBFS Information Footprint Challenge 2016

For six years in a row, OBFS has been participating in an Information Footprint Challenge to encourage personnel in OBFS units to reduce the amount of non-record electronic files and emails they retain. This year, a new plan was implemented for reminders and updating OBFS staff on the Challenge.

Refinement of Student Records Retention Schedule

RIMS is undergoing a process to refine the Student Records Retention Schedule by working with the University Registrars on the retention periods for Admission Files and Student Academic Files including the Student Files from the College of Medicine.

UIC Library Administration - Records Inventory

RIMS is working with staff in the Daley Library Administration Office to complete an inventory of the Administration Files to determine the retention requirements and disposal eligibility of these materials. Another outcome of the project will be the creation of guidelines and procedures for the ongoing management of essential business records for the Library.

Urbana Library - Financial Reporting

RIMS is working with the Business Office of the Urbana Library to streamline how financial reports are generated and shared with fund managers. Current practices involve several time-intensive steps that are anticipated to be reduced by as much as 95%.

UIS Records Day (April 6th, 2016)

The RIMS team was at UIS for a day of training and one-on-one consultation for records related issues facing the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Illinois Email Footprint Challenge

RIMS worked with CITES to encourage all staff at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to reduce their email footprint during the month of February 2015.

UIS Container Storage - Creating a Dedicated Records Storage Facility

RIMS established a low-cost on-location records storage facility for the University of Illinois at Springfield following the option deployed in Urbana-Champaign. The facility uses a dedicated, secured shipping container equipped with built-in records shelving, special roof paint, ceiling insulation to deflect the effects of solar radiation and condensation, and the use of standard barcoding controls for the stored records.

Analysis and Recommendations for ECOS-PHD Systems

RIMS conducted interviews to assess the current usage of the legacy data from the ECOS-PHD systems and supported the creation of a formal ITPC Analysis Template that was approved.

General Records Retention Schedule Creation

OBFS Information Footprint Challenge 2013

RIMS worked closely with OBFS to complete their third successful Information Footprint Challenge. The OBFS Information Footprint Challenge encourages everyone across OBFS to “get skinny feet” by reducing their information footprint, particularly their email and shared drive footprints.

OBFS Information Footprint Challenge 2014

RIMS worked closely with the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) to complete their fourth Annual Information Footprint Challenge, held October 6th-10th, 2014. All units within OBFS spent significant time during the week cleaning up and disposing of documents within their paper and electronic filing systems, including email, with the goal of making routine, appropriate disposal of documents a part of their normal business practice.

RIMS Website Migration

In coordination with the Office of the CIO website updates, RIMS migrated their website content to a more current version of SitePublish, the website management tool used by University System Offices.

Training, Best Practices, and Presentations

UIS E-mail Information Footprint Challenge 2013

RIMS worked with UIS IT team members to encourage all staff to reduce their email footprint.

Urbana Library Web Time Entry Project

RIMS provided direct guidance in converting the Urbana-Champaign Library’s paper timesheet processes over to the Web Time Entry system. This conversion resulted in an overall reduction in effort for hourly time reporting.