2012 ITG Planning Summit

Opening Sessions

In the morning opening session, participants will have the opportunity to hear a panel presentation focused on the current and evolving IT governance processes at the University. Included will be an overview of the current governance activities and collaboration efforts being guided by stakeholders and designed to ensure mission-critical items receive the highest priority.

In the afternoon opening session, a panel will begin discussion on the efforts in progress towards creating a collaborative IT strategic plan, how to enhance collaboration, and how to identify IT areas of focus that should be included in the plan.

Breakout Discussion — Gathering feedback to create a more inclusive IT governance process

Participants will breakout into small discussion groups to discuss the current and evolving IT governance processes and provide suggestions on how to raise awareness, be more representative of user needs, share solutions across the enterprise, and overall create a more collaborative environment in relation to IT priorities. This discussion focuses on how to make the current and evolving governance processes more effective.

Breakout Discussion — Identifying strategic IT areas of focus

Participants will breakout into small discussion groups to discuss the relevance of current and possible IT strategic goals and provide suggestions and prioritization for additional objectives and initiatives. Groups will provide input into the strategic planning process as well as give suggestions on what and where needs exist and how the priority of future areas of interest should be addressed. This discussion focuses on ensuring that IT is aligning to the mission strategies of the University.

Follow Up Materials

Summit Materials

Summit Supplemental Resources

You can find supplemental information on the two key discussion topics at the following:

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Kelly Block
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