2013 ITG Planning Summit

Opening Session

In the morning opening session, participants learned more about the current governance structures and an overview of the latest efforts to enhance collaboration across the IT organizations at each campus. This included information on current and ongoing efforts to foster collaboration and create and execute campus and department IT strategic plans. This presentation also included an overview of the follow up initiatives from the past year’s planning event and a preview of the day’s format and expected outcomes.

Panel sessions in the morning and afternoon began discussions of current IT strategic planning efforts at the University as well as current and evolving IT governance processes at the campuses and University.

Morning Breakout Discussion

Attendees continued the panel conversations in small groups to discuss the IT strategic planning efforts at the campuses and University and the relevance of current and possible IT strategic goals. Groups provided input into the prioritization process as well as suggestions on what and where needs exist and how the priority of future areas of interest should be addressed. This discussion focused on ensuring that IT strategic plans are aligning to the mission strategies and needs of the University.

Afternoon Breakout Discussion

Attendees continued the panel conversations in small groups to discuss the current governance processes and provide suggestions on how to raise awareness, be more representative of user needs, share solutions, and overall create a more collaborative environment in relation to IT governance. This discussion focused on how to make the current and evolving governance processes more effective. 

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Summit Materials

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