Frequently Asked Questions

What is the link for the Enterprise Applications website? 

Why does my NetID password not log me into the Enterprise system?

Everyone has two separate accounts. One is the NetID and password associated with your campus and this is used to log into things such as email, Blackboard, AVSL and NESSIE. Your NetID is managed by your campus Help Desk.

The other account is the Enterprise ID and password. This logs you into Enterprise applications like Banner (to see grades, personal information and billing) Epay, and positive time reporting. The Enterprise ID and NetID are set up to be the same for most people, but they are two separate accounts and the passwords can be different. You can keep the two passwords in synch at

Why am I having browser issues with Banner, HR Front End (HRFE) and WebXtender (BDMS)?  .

Some of the Enterprise applications are not officially supported by the most recent versions of specific browsers.  Check the Enterprise Systems Requirements page for a list of Enterprise Applications and the updated version support for a specific browser.

How do I get access to Banner?

Have the Unit Security Contact (USC) in your office request access on the security application form.  After your access is granted, go to the Enterprise Applications website to login.

When I send in a problem through email to the ticketing system, is there anything I can do that will speed up the process that gets me some help?

To enable us to more quickly diagnose problems, please be prepared to tell us or include in your email, the following:

  • Application you are trying to access
  • Error message
  • Login ID (Enterprise ID)
  • Web browser and version you are using

I have Housing questions, how can I contact the Housing Department?

Urbana-Champaign - 217-333-7111 or
Chicago - 312-355-6300 or
Springfield - 217-206-6190 or

Why can I not log on to the enterprise system to see the bill? I am an authorized payer.

Authorized Payers are individuals that the student has designated and given “Authorized Payer” access to in the UI-Pay system.

To set up Authorized Payer access:

  • Login to the Banner Self-Service website found via the Enterprise Applications website
  • Click Account Billing Information
  • Click Student Account
  • Click Authorized Payers
  • Click Add New
  • Fill in the requested information
  • Select Add

To login as an Authorized Payer:

You can also reset your password at any time by entering your Login information and clicking Reset.